Bruder Capital

Analytics Applied to a World of Risks

The Portfolio Whisperer

Bruder’s combination of fundamental analysis and statistically-based hedges is designed to extract the main component of return while limiting exogenous threats to company valuations:

Emphasize Cash Payments – we seek out securities with timed and growing payments: dividends, production payments, interest on underlying loans and bonds. These are main contributors to investment returns over the long term.

Find Valuation Event Changes – we search for securities whose value is misunderstood in the market and can be expected to re-price during a specific time frame due to: accounting mishaps, delayed financial statement filings, asset dispositions or acquisitions, spinoffs, reorganizations, bankruptcies, and other corporate events.

Protect Capitalwe create our portfolio with the intention of limiting the underlying risk to either the timely cash payments we receive or the value we expect to realize from an event. This sometimes requires the use of commodity, index, and sector hedges.